Com 155 Week 3 Assignment Pro

There are various factors that play a role in a child’s development. In the video that I observed you can see three little boys around the same age playing on a slide together. There is one boy who wonders off and is now playing by himself. He sees a girl playing with a car structure and starts to play with her. The boy then starts playing with another child who is playing with bugs. The little boy than starts to play by himself again looking for cars. Then he heads on over to play with a play structure that another boy is playing with. He plays with this child for the remainder of the video until the last few seconds where he is interested in what thee teacher is doing with the camera. At this period in a child’s life they has a quest to master their bodies. This is done by their ability to use their gross motor skills. Such as walking, jumping, running, and climbing. Other skills involve reaching, using their hands, eating, and manipulating objects.

Walk Cycles and Character Animation

  • Walk Cycles
  • See Lesson 6 above for more about Walk Cycles

Alan Becker - Flash Animator

12 Principles of Animation (12 videos; 3-4 min each)

Animator vs Animation V1 2006 (2 min)

Animator vs Animation V4 Oct 2014 (13.5 min)

Behind the Scenes Animation vs Animator V4

Flash Tutorial - How to do a Walking Animation using the Bone Tool by Incredible Tutorials

2015 Hall of Fame Character

  • Taylor - Spy Man
  • Travis - Robot
  • Steve - Man Running


Cheat CC: Chapter 5 Motion Techniques

  • Background blurring (154-155)

Cheat CS6: Chapter 6 Character Animation

  • CS6 Looping Backgrounds (p188)

Cheat CC: Chapter 6 Character Animation

  • Sync Classic Tweens (174-175)
  • Sync Motion Tweens (176-177)
  • Hinging body parts (178-179)
  • Walk Cycle (188-191)
  • Advanced Walk Cycle (192-193)
  • Walk Cycle Examples (194-195)

Cheat CC: Chapter 10 Interactivity

  • Stage 1 Character Movement using ActionScript (296-307)

Flash Articles by Chris Georgenes

Part 1: Designing and Animation Characters in Flash

Part 2: Designing and Animation Characters in Flash 2.5D Animation

Character Animation with the Bone Tool in Flash CS6 (no bone tool in Flash CC)



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