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How are the Hall of Fame leaderboards calculated?

The Top Students leaderboard shows the total ‘daily points’ (visible in the student console) earned by students within the current 24hr period. The Top Classes leaderboard ranks classes by average points per student during each weekly period.

How to appear on the Hall of Fame Leaderboard

Individual Students: Earn points by completing your activities and tasks in Mathletics. Playing Live Mathletics will also add to your points total. Within your student console you can view your daily points total. If your total is high enough, you will automatically appear on the Hall of Fame leaderboard that day!

Classes:Encourage all students to earn points each week. If the average points per student are high enough, the class will appear on the Hall of Fame leaderboard that week!

Top Tip!

The Top Students leaderboard resets every day. The Top Classes leaderboard resets every week. Keep an eye on the countdown clock shown at the top of the leaderboard. It displays the time remaining until the next reset. If you don’t make one leaderboard, you might make the next one!

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