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Writing a Job Transfer Request Letter (with Samples)
Use these sample job transfer request letters as templates for your formal request.

There are several reasons why a person may need to write a job transfer request letter. They may want to transfer to another position in the company where they are currently working, or they may need to move for personal reasons and would like to request a transfer to a position in the same company in another city.

Other possible reasons for a transfer request are:
- To work with new challenges
  •  - To develop new skills
  •  - To be removed from tensions within a team
 - To request a lighter load because of age or illness
 - To change the type of work such as excessive travel
 - To work in a different branch of the same company
Whatever the reason, a letter requesting a transfer within a company is very similar to a resume cover letter. The points that need to be made clear, preferably on one page, are:
  • The employee’s abilities and personal strengths
  • The benefit to the company for their transfer
  • The benefit to the division supervisor for their transfer

​When a position becomes open in a company, it is to the company’s benefit to employ someone who already works for them. This is because the employee is familiar with the company culture and expectations and already has loyalty to the company. If an employee learns about a job and would like to apply for it, they should do so as soon as they can after becoming aware of the opening. This shows the human resources department, supervisor and other management that the employee is enthusiastic about the transfer.
The job transfer request letter should:
  • State the purpose of the letter in the first sentence
  • State the position for which he or she is applying
  • State the name and position of the employee
  • Highlight the employees experience and abilities
  • Praise the company to show the employee’s loyalty
  • Explain why the employee wants to advance in the company
  • Not have a bragging tone when expressing abilities

When expressing the reason for the transfer request, the employee should be honest. If he or she gives one reason to the human resources department and a different reason to coworkers, it will eventually come out and appear dishonest. This could negatively influence the hiring person against the candidate. The employee should also always be respectful and polite. This is not the time to complain about the job and ask for another one.

Employment Status 

The employee may be applying for a particular position, but they may also apply for a transfer or upgrade of their employment status without knowing about any particular job opening. They can state that they would like to remain employed with the company but are looking for a position with more scope and responsibility where they can continue to make worthwhile contributions to the company’s success. Upper management or human resource personnel may know about positions that are open that have not yet been made public.

Here are samples of a job transfer request letter. They are written in the formal business format and may be sent by certified mail if it’s a large company or hand delivered if it’s a small company. The employee should keep copies of all communication involving this transfer request. The employee should find out the name of the human resource contact or of the person in charge of hiring and address the letter to him or her.

Sample 1 - Job Transfer Request Letter
Name of Employee
Address of Employee
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Company
Name of Human Resource or Hiring Person
Title of Human Resource of Hiring Person
Address of Company
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Request for job transfer

Dear NAME,

I learned about the position of TITLE that has recently become open from my immediate supervisor, Name of Supervisor, and would like to respectfully submit my application for the position.

I have worked in this company for eight years in several different departments and have a good understanding of the systems and procedures that make the company run smoothly. I have found the company to be a very well-run organization and supportive of its employees. It is my wish to further my career in this company, which is why I am applying to transfer to POSITION.

In my present position, I have made several contributions to the projects we undertake and have been commended twice by my supervisor for innovative and time-saving solutions. For example, LIST


I would like to use my experience and expertise to further the aims of the company as POSITION.

My full resume is enclosed with this letter. Thank you for considering my application. I can be reached at 555-123-4567 or at Name@email.com and would be happy to meet and discuss my transfer request. I will contact you again in a few days and look forward to hearing from you.

Signature of Employee Applicant
Printed Name of Employee
Applicant List of enclosures: RESUME

Sample 2 - Job Transfer Request Letter
Employee’s Name
Employee’s Address
City, State, Zip Code


Employer’s Name
Employer’s Address
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Request for job transfer

Dear Employer’s Name, 

I am writing to request consideration of a transfer from my position at [Current Office] to a similar position at the [New Office].

I fully understand the requirements of the job, as I have been working at this company for the past five years and will do my best to continue working to the standard of the company.

I would be happy to meet you and give you any further information you require and answer questions. My phone number is [555-123-4567] and my email address is [Name@email.com]. 

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. 


Employee’s signature
Employee’s printed Name
List of enclosures

By Andre Bradley

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Detailed Description of how to write a job transfer request

Learning how to write a job transfer request is a lot like writing a resume cover letter; the basics are the same.

In a resume cover letter:

  • You need to sell yourself and your abilities
  • You need to communicate your points efficiently (ideally, in one page)
  • You need to show the hiring supervisor what you can do for his or her division, and/or you need to show the company how the organization will benefit by placing you in the new position

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The difference when learning how to write a job transfer request letter is that the ball is not always in your court; under optimal conditions, your company will be actively trying to fill a position, and your transfer is more like an internal application than a personal request. However, sometimes the need for a job transfer request is strictly personal-perhaps a family illness or change in personal circumstances is forcing you to relocate, and you are writing in hopes of moving your job to another location.

In any case, the first step in writing a successful job transfer request letter is to analyze the situation and know where you are starting from; this will help you set the tone for the letter and focus it accordingly.

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If your job transfer request is in response to a job opening within your company, treat it like what it really is-an application with the benefit of company familiarity.In your letter,

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  • State straight off your purpose for writing
  • Highlight your abilities and experience
  • Clearly praise the company (without overdoing it)
  • Tell why you want to move up in the company
  • Keep the focus on what you can do for the company without sounding like you are bragging

A condensed letter of a job transfer request might look something like:

[Using proper business format]

Dear [HR Contact or Supervisor],

It has come to my attention that [blank] department is accepting applications for the [state position]; I am forwarding my resume for your consideration.

I have worked for [this company] for [x] years, as a [position], and have found this to be a very well run organization, supportive of its employees; I would like nothing more than to continue my professional growth with this company as my career moves forward.

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I have worked in several capacities here at [company], including [list]. Each experience has enhanced my skills and abilities; my current position has allowed to [list what you have learned]. These are skills that I feel would be very well suited to this position.

I look forward to continued growth within this company throughout my career and I thank you for your consideration.


Job title


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When Applying For a Personal Transfer Request

Job transfer requests made for personal reasons have the disadvantage of not being made specifically to fill an open position. You have to sell yourself as valuable to the company-valuable enough that they would want to work cooperatively with you and keep you.

For this type of job transfer request, follow the above guide, and also state why you need to request a transfer. In addition to selling your abilities, really play up your commitment to the company, and your desire to remain with them.

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  •  Highlight achievements and skills that would be sorely lost
  • Explain why you need to request a transfer
  • Be appreciative of what the company has done for you
  • Offer a plan for transition which includes training a new person for your position Here’s an example:

Dear [name},

I am writing to respectfully request a transfer in location from [office A] to [office B]. A change in my personal circumstances necessitates this move. An illness in my family has made it necessary for me to relocate to [x]. Since I have been with this company for [x time], and have thoroughly enjoyed my employment here, I feel it is in the best
interests of myself and of this company that I move operations, rather than leave the company altogether.

In my time here, you have known me to be a person who [list skills and attributes]. I would like to continue providing job excellence to this company, and hope that we are able to work together to find a solution that fits both of our needs.

I understand that this presents some difficulty for the current location, but I feel I can still be of service from this new location, and I am willing to work through [period of transition] to help train new personnel in my position.

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I am very appreciative of my time here at [company], the experience has been very rewarding in many ways.

I thank you for taking the time to consider my request and anxiously await your decision.


You should fee free to appeal to the human side of your employer, and be sure to include appropriate reasons why you are requesting a transfer; however, resist the urge to be plaintiff and keep this part of the request short-no one likes a whiner!!

The key in how to write a job transfer request that is effective is to balance your skills and assets with the needs of the company. Play up the angles that are open to you, but be careful not to come off as sounding presumptuous and arrogant; you want to be viewed as a valuable company asset, not a thorn in the side worth losing! In all job transfer
requests, keep the focus on the company and its benefit as much as possible. Selling your invaluable self will surely get you the move you need!


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