Essay On Neighbourhood Services Aberdeen

Homestay for international students

The homestay program allows students to live with Canadian families, thus being exposed to, and participating in Canadian culture and customs.

Where should I look?

When looking at the addresses of potential rentals, or touring the area, the following are some of the different streets that are close to the university, and generally within walking distance or quick bus ride.

Near campus

  • Columbia Street (some locations walking distance, some by bus)
  • McGill Road
  • Pemberton Terrace
  • Greenstone Drive
  • Dalhousie Drive
  • Arrowstone Drive (several apartments and grocery stores on the way home)
  • Summit Drive (some locations walking distance, some by bus)
  • McBeth Place (apartments close to Upper College Heights Student Housing)
  • Dalgleish Drive
  • West Battle Street
  • Strathcona Terrace
  • Grandview Terrace
  • Tranquille Road


Most of these streets have a bus route nearby that runs directly to the university via Columbia or Battle.

  • St. Paul Street
  • Nicola Street
  • Battle Street
  • Pine Street

North Kamloops

The North Shore TRU Expresss, which runs on Tranquille Road, makes this area handy for students looking for a good deal on rentals. Some apartment blocks are right on Tranquille, while others can be found on nearby streets such as Kitchener Crescent and Schubert Drive.

Sahali and Aberdeen

These main streets are south of campus and on/near direct bus routes to the university with average 5-10 minute ride.

  • Gleneagles Drive (Sahali)
  • Springhill Drive (Sahali)
  • Robson Drive (Sahali)
  • Hugh Allen Drive (Aberdeen)
  • Pacific Way (Aberdeen)
  • Aberdeen Drive (Aberdeen)

How to find a place

Kamloops Transit has a bus loop on campus

Several bus routes converge on TRU, making it easy to come and go. Ride for free with a UPASS, which is included in your student fees. Kamloops Transit has a trip planner on its website.

Kamloops Transit

Neighbourhoods near TRU

This map shows the relative distances from TRU to surrounding neighbourhoods.

Learn more about Kamloops

This programme is studied on campus.

Biotechnology is a technology based on the unique properties of biological molecules, cells and organisms, and provides new ways of diagnosing disease, producing antibiotics, pharmaceuticals and chemical feedstocks for industrial processes, reducing industrial contamination of the environment and improving food safety.

The study of biotechnology at Aberdeen involves study of microbiology, biochemistry and genetics. Knowledge of all three subjects is crucial in an area where microorganisms are frequently being genetically engineered to perform novel or enhanced biochemical reactions, and will become increasingly important as synthetic biology is used throughout biotechnological processes.

The potential of biotechnology to provide new health products, new fuels such as hydrogen, advances in agriculture and management of the environment (e.g. oil spill clean-up) is immense but at present only partly tapped. Biotechnology is well-placed to contribute significantly to future sustainable technology development.

5 year MSci degree

This degree offers you the opportunity to undertake a year's placement in an industrial, commercial or research environment and graduate after five years with an MSci (an undergraduate Masters degree) instead of a BSc. Find out more.


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