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As a PhD student, you'll expand upon the solid foundation of the doctoral educational modules with specialized programs and concentrations mirroring your professional needs and goals. The Ph.D. course in Management is expected to create fitness in management studies, an external minor, and research strategies. Entering students may have already satisfied some of these necessities. Following completion of required coursework, students must pass a preliminary examination. Finally, they must compose and effectively shield a dissertation.

Candidates admitted into the Ph.D. course are required to finish pre Ph.D. course work including two terms over a total duration of one year. The initial two semesters (first year) of the PhD course is committed to course work. Effective finishing obviously work would affirm the registration. Two years after fruitful fulfillment obviously work; the student is qualified to present the thesis.

Online Ph.D. course are offered in the related field of technical communication, although these programs are rare. These more modern programs concentrate on the ways that advances affect the composed language. Much the same as an English literature program, students must finish a dissertation to graduate. Although a significant part of the coursework is offered remotely, there are still residency necessities that span a few weeks each year. Among this time, students must travel to campus to interact with their teachers and companions.

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The environment in which organizations operate today has increasingly become turbulent making it very complex for the organizations. The competition between business organizations has increased owing to globalization of the Economy. This requires adequate training in various areas of Business Management. Similarly the education sector has expanded rapidly hence requiring academicians of high calibre to train the students.
Programme Objectives
The general objective of this Programme is to produce competent professionals in Business and Management. On completion of the programme, the graduates should be able to:
i). Undertake critical examination and analysis of contemporary and emerging issues in Management.
ii). Apply Managerial knowledge and expertise in solving societal problems.
iii). Be Competitive in such careers as University lecturers and innovative researchers.
iv). Create linkages between the University and the Government and Industry.
Admission Requirements
i). Common Egerton University regulations for Admission to the PhD (Business and Management) shall apply.
ii).Applicants for this programme must be holders of Masters degree from Egerton University or from any other University recognized by Egerton senate in area of Business, Economics or related disciplines.
iii). Applicants must present a concept paper together with application for provisional registration.
iv). Full registration is granted only on successful development and defence of a research proposal and its approval by the Board of Postgraduate Studies.
Course Structure and Duration
i). Full- time: Students who choose this option shall complete their programmes within a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years.
ii). Part- time: Students who choose this option shall complete their programmes within a minimum of three years and a maximum of seven years
iii). Applicants who choose coursework, Examination and Thesis will spend the first three semesters in coursework and examination and the rest of the period in supervised research and thesis write up. This option is especially recommended for applicants deemed deficient in certain subjects.
iv). Applicants who have a Masters degree as specified in 83-1.2 above and have relevant practical experience of at least two years may on the approval of senate be admitted to pursue the programme by mode. However, should a candidate be deficient in certain subjects, he/she shall be required to audit them to the satisfaction of the Department.
v). All courses shall be coded DBAM (Doctorate in Business and Management) followed by three digits.
The first digit, i.e. 8 indicates the level of training.
The second digit indicates the sub-discipline of the course within the discipline, viz:
0- General courses
1- Accounting Courses
2- Marketing courses
3- Finance courses
4- Risk and Insurance Courses
5- Entrepreneurship Courses
6- Human Resource Management Courses
7- Operations Management and Management Information Systems Courses
8- Global Business Management Courses
9- Strategic management courses
The third digit indicates order of courses.
Examination Regulation
All the examination of the university shall be conducted in accordance with university statutes stipulated in the university statute No XXIX
Grading system
The grading system will be conducted in accordance with Egerton University statutes XXIX.
Graduation requirement.
To graduate with a Doctoral of Business Administration, a student shall be required to take and pass all scheduled courses within stipulated time.


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