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Crime Investigator Cover Letter

For such an exciting and demanding career, you need an effective and well written cover letter and resume. The cover letter is an introductory document that provide some additional information and also to highlight your skills and experience. The best thing about these letters is they can be customized and tailored according to the company's requirement and needs.

Before you start writing your cover letter, it is important to know what it should contain.

  • It should include the main purpose of sending your cover letter in addition to the job profile you are would like to apply for. You can inquire about your future employment possibilities.
  • You can also state how you have learned about the job post. This could be the job site, an employment website. If you are referred by someone, make sure you include his or her name.
  • The objective of the cover letter is to make the reader read your resume. Hence it is necessary you convince them to read your resume.
  • Highlight your credentials and skills that are relevant to the job post. This is an important paragraph which will tell the employer whether you are eligible for the job post or not.
  • Besides showing your eligibility and experience, the cover letter also helps to show your written skills.
  • The letter should reflect your personality and attitude. It should show how serious regarding about the job post.
  • Another good thing about cover letter is that you can include something such as when can you meet the interviewer or reference date.

The sample cover letter for criminal investigator will show you some important tips and guidelines to write one on your own.

Sample Crime Investigator Cover Letter

Your name:
Contact details:
Email Address:


Employer's name:
Company Name and Address:

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Employer's Last Name),

I am interested to apply for the position of a criminal investigator in your department (mention the name here). I have been in this field for the last ten years and have handled a lot of complex crime investigation scene. As asked in the job post, I have enclosed my resume with this letter that will give you a detail of my work experience.

I have been a part of the territorial police forces and had been in the crime investigation department for ten years. Here my key role was to study an entire scene and include all the minute details that occurred in a crime scene and deduce what may have occurred at that time. In my ten years of service, I have solved many cases. I am a good investigator and can interview people to get evidence of the case I am working on. Before coming down to a conclusion, I make sure that I have done proper investigations and research of the case. I have a degree as a laboratory technician which is extremely important to uncover the evidence such as examining weapons, clothing samples and fingerprints. I also have a degree in criminal justice and am aware of law enforcement as well.

I would be glad if we can meet up for a follow up interview and discuss on this further. You can call me at (insert contact details) or drop me an email at (mention your email address).

Thank you for your valuable time and considering my letter.

Your name:

Enclosures: Resume and Work Experience Certificates

The criminal investigator cover letter is an excellent way to show that the reader that you have the qualities and skills that is required to make you an ideal applicant for the post. The letter should generally portray you as the right applicant for the job post.

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The resume example below captures the career of a professional in Criminal Justice industry. The job seeker has past experience as a Loss Prevention Specialist and Program Specialist.

The resume uses a Summary of qualifications to highlight 4 years of experience the criminal justice industry. The job seeker emphasizes their knowledge of emergency preparedness, disaster prevention, commercial loss prevention and program implementation.

Since this job seeker only has 4 years of experience they list the education section next which underscores their Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

Professional experience comes next which includes the company, titles and dates employed in reverse chronological order. The bullet points define the scope of their work at each position.

The resume writer uses industry related training and volunteer experience to fill in more information that make this professional an ideal candidate for the criminal justice position.

Criminal Justice Resume Example

Criminal Justice Resume Statements

  • Analyze data, statistics and GPS data to identify patterns in criminal activity.
  • Conduct complex research during investigations that include hair, blood, stains and fluids.
  • Research trends using computer data and analysis software and probability models in order to create forecast presentations.
  • Develop criminal profiles based on pattern detection and develop processes to decrease officer call times.
  • Testify as expert witness on crime data, scientific research and investigative conclusions.
  • Develop mapping systems based on crime data with trend graphs that can be utilized by police for ongoing investigations.
  • Present critical crime data patterns to teams of investigators utilizing graphs, tables and models.
  • Collaborate with investigation teams and information technology staff to design and deploy the crime analysis information system.

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Criminal Justice Resume Example By KBM Coaching and Consulting

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