Anti Essay

Anti essay

Take time to write anti essays; research your topics first

The word anti is usually used along with another word in order to convey a negative meaning. For instance, you could be anti-school, anti-social, anti-violence, anti-family etc, etc. All this indicates that you are against the ideology, or thing or person that is being described. So, when you write an anti essay, it is important that you carry out a good amount of research before you begin.

Some steps to help you write an anti-piece

It would be extremely dangerous for you to take a stand on something if you haven’t spent sufficient time going through the positives and negatives. Here are some ideas to get you started on any kind of anti essays

1          Know your topic well

First explore the topic that you are going to write against. For instance, if you are going to write an anti-gay marriage essay, make sure you know your facts about gay marriages. You should explore why people support an idea. More than that, you also need to know why you should be against a specific idea.

2.         Get your evidences in place

If you are keen on writing an essay against a specific topic, it is necessary to collect as much evidence that you can use to support your arguments. Are you against gay marriages? If so, collect some real good reasons to show why your stand is justified. Also remember that when you have argumentative topics to work on, your evidences should be really strong and genuine.

3          Use the right lingo

Now, this is easier said than done! Very often, you tend to lose marks because you have not put your thoughts across in the best possible way in an anti essay. We do understand how het up a person can get about a specific issue. We also understand how easy it is to lose track of things when you truly believe in your stand. Use the right lingo; take a look at our samples for more ideas on this.

4          Move forward smoothly

When you are trying to present ideas, remember that you need to be able to do so in a sequential and logical way. Your ideas should flow as smoothly as possible and not sound jumpy at all. This is the only way for you to prove that you have done a fair amount of research on the topic and hence have a specific view of the whole thing.

5          Read as much as you can

When you are trying to build an argument against something it is necessary for you to be aware of all that you could come up against. It is not safe to shoot your mouth off before getting to know all about the topic.  Information is wealth and there is every opportunity to collect as much of it as you can.

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How to Write an Anti Essay?

The Anti Essay Sample

I want to dedicate this essay to such amazing creatures as penguins. I believe that penguins are the real work of art and we should be grateful to mother-nature for these amazing birds that can enhance our mood by their appearance. These birds are the most important creatures in the whole white world and I can’t imagine my life without them. They are rimarkable and adorable birds full of love and caring. Being dear to me, penguins will stay in my heart forever ever – I don’t understand people who say they are ugly or discusting. Such people have no beauty sense, penguines’ black and white appearance looks outstanding and should be appraised. Their personalities are versetile and exceptional. I have read that their capacity to love is even bigger than human beans have – are you able to imagine that penguin can love you more than your girlfriend? They are friendly and communicate with each other and people around them, don’t thing this is only about beaity. Penguins are really, really, really smart and intelligent birds – if you have any problem, they will help you solve it, you just have to belive in it.

My friends want to keep cats, dogs, parrots, guinea-pigs, fish, and snakes to play the role of their pets but if I was given a chance I would choose a cute little penguin to be my companion and life-long friend. I think they would be the greatest pets ever. Of course, they can be stubborn or sometimes refuse to agree with humans’ ideas – this doesn’t lessen their cuteness. They can be very loyal, even more than dogs and definitely more than cats, they have big and kind hearts. If they have chosen you as their daddy or mommy, they will be with you in sickness and in helth, in good times and in bad times, in happiness and in sadness. They will love their owners unconditionally, except being fed of course, and will support all their aspirations. Amen. They will honor and respect you. And you should treat they the same – they can be disappointed by a rude attitude and you shouldn’t disappoint them as their revenge can be painful, they can kick you or bite your leg or arm. Not very nice, yes? But they will do this only if they feel some aggression from you or you treat them really bably.

And penguins can be very useful friends. Have you noticed that they are already prepared to any classy events or meetings with those black tights of theirs? If anything pops off, you are aware of whom to choose as their partner. Oh, and be confident that your friend is going to become the center of attention in no time. Their exceptional waddle makes them stars! I believe we people should learn how to waddle in such a cute, goofy, silly way. After some time you will start to waddle yourself and trust me – you will become popular among chicks. And penguins are always ready to parteyyy. They are good at communication, eating snacks and getting tickles, not to mention their dancing skills! You won’t also have any drinking problems with them – alcohol is not their peace of pie. Oh, and if you will meet other penguins, you can listen to their adorable language, “Penguinese” – trust me, you won’t be able to grasp a word, don’t even try. But the way they pronounce sounds is nice and adorable so you will definitely like to listen to a couple of their conversations without getting a word.

To have a penguin-buddy is great, but your friends and relatives should be careful not to say anything about their wings when penguins are around them. Hushhh, they should never be reminded that they can’t fly. All people are ashamed of their weaknesses or failures and the penguins are not proud of theirs too. Pay attention to this, I mean it. Instead you can boast to your friends that your new pet has a lot of other great possibilities and they can marvelously jump at least seven feet into the air. You can even conduct hilarious human-penguin competitions. Who can jump higher – you or your buddy? By the way, they are skillful and when it comes to gaining new experiences, they always are the fastest to grasp information and obtain new skills. You have the possibility to teach your friend something new. How to bring you slippers, newspaper or to do the shopping to buy groceries and other stuff. If your plumy friend doesn’t want just to hang around in your apartment, get him a job! He can be an exceptionally good worker.

All of us have to learn a bit form this majestic birds how to live, move or exist with such a grace and honor. They are so elegant. Their tranqility, sophistication, charm, high principles, and loyalty should be preserved for next generations on paper and on the Internet. I want to give a solemn pledge that I will always adore and worship these clumsy black and white balls. They make my life meaningful and full of purpose. Penguins are great friends, interesting to talk with and knowing a lot of amazing facts about their penguins’ life. Their wise attitude towards their lives and relationships with humans show what reasonable and sensible birds they are. I want to have as many penguins as possible – if you consider this too, don’t think about it long and just go and find yourself a penguin-buddy. Yay to these cute muffins!

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