03.05 Nerve Conduction Assignment Of Lease

03.05 Nerve Conduction Assignment Directions: Label the neuromuscular (myoneural) junction. Then, read the case study below and answer the questions. Each question should be answered with FIVE or more sentences. Neuromuscular (Myoneural) Junction 6. Axon 5. Neurotransmitter 4. Calcium channel 3. Motor end plate (neurotransmitter receptor) 2. Synapse 1. Synaptic vesicles Case Study Dehydration of Student Athlete The players of a high school football team were traveling home from their football game in Fernandina Beach, Florida. It had been a tough night. It was August and still hot. The game had lasted three hours, and the players had to play offense, defense, and special teams because there were not enough players to field all positions. During the bus trip home, several of the athletes consumed multiple energy drinks in an attempt to regain their strength for a celebration party they planned to attend later that evening. Despite the odds, they had won their game. About half an hour into the trip home, a player named Joseph, a junior running back, began screaming from the back of the bus. When the coaches and athletic trainer reached Joseph's seat, they found him lying in the middle of the aisle, clenching his hamstrings and calf muscles in pain. He

Unformatted text preview: filled energy drinks. 3. Now that you know how a nerve impulse transmits through a neuron and into muscle tissue, explain why dehydration caused Joseph's muscle cramping? -Dehydration caused his cramping due to the fact that he lost a lot of sodium while sweating. This increased synaptic transmission causing the cramps. 4. How did caffeine contribute to Joseph's muscle cramping? -Caffeine generally causes increased synaptic transmission which could lead to cramps. 5. Sports drink companies, such as Gatorade or Powerade, add sodium and potassium to their sport drinks. They refer to these minerals as electrolytes . Why do you think they assign these minerals that name? Why do they put sodium and potassium in the drinks?-I think these minerals got their name because they are electrically charged and aid in the passage of nerve impulses....
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