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OHSU's Accelerated BSN 2015 cohort

by lmmccauley
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  1. 0 Hi there everyone. I didn't see a thread started yet, so I thought I would start one.

    I am applying for the 2015 Accelerated BSN cohort (Portland campus) and am very nervous about the whole process with Nursing CAS and having transcripts sent to them.

    I am also curious if anyone out there has an idea of what they are looking for and who will get interviews? It makes me nervous that there is no essay, so I assume that interviews will be based on grades alone. I have an undergraduate degree in Art History with a 3.64 GPA and a prereq GPA of 3.76 from PCC. Does anyone know if I even stand a chance? I have taken all of the prerequisites except for Micro, which I plan on taking in the winter.

    It sounds like the interviews and no essays is a new thing? Does anyone know? Here's to hoping I at least get an interview!
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  3. Hi there, thanks for posting! I almost had a mini-heart attack the other day when I went to look at the essay questions again and realized the format has completely changed for this year's ABSN application.

    I feel your concern - my undergrad GPA is not stellar (definitely lower than yours) and I was looking forward to hopefully writing some great essays to make up for some of those grades from 10+ years ago! In regards to your GPA, though, I have read from previous year's threads that a 3.6 was not bad at all and did not rule someone out, especially with good experience, etc.

    Have you been to, or are you going to, an info session this fall? I am planning to attend the Oct session later this week, so if I hear any details or good info about the new interview/ proctored essay rigmarole I will follow up with a post here.

    Good luck with Micro and your application!
  4. Oct 16, '14 by lmmccauley
    Hi Katgreen! I went to an info session last fall. Of course, things are a bit different now that there is no essay. I too was looking forward to conveying my personality and experience in an essay. Oh well! Hopefully we both get interviews!

    Let me know if you hear any interesting information at the info session! I just submitted my application...

    Good luck with yours!
  5. Oct 19, '14 by FunkySkunk
    Hi everyone,

    I noticed that NursingCAS has sections that are not required to submit an application but may be required by the school. When I called OHSU, they seemed confused by my inquiry. Do any of you know if we need to fill out the optional sections, such as "Parent and Family Information" or "Professional Experience"? I can't imagine them not wanting to have our work background, but I suppose they never really asked for a resume or anything. Let me know! Thanks!
  6. Hey FunkySkunk,
    I actually asked about filling out the "Professional Experience" section of NCAS after the info session and the woman I spoke to told me they do not look at it at all. Even so, it seems so strange to not provide any background info or experience, so I am still a bit conflicted. I have been considering adding some things to that section just in case...

    lmmccauley - since you already applied, what did you do about that section?

    I will say that it seemed to me that they really hammered in the fact that (at least for ABSN) it is all about cumulative GPA and essentially nothing else (although I assume interviews would ask more personal questions?). She even made a point of saying that last year the lowest GPA from the first round of those accepted was a 3.5, but this may have differed from some who got in later from the alternates list, I guess.

    She also commented that she knew it was frustrating for some people who didn't do as well in undergrad 10 or 20 years ago, but that they've found nevertheless that cumulative GPA is really the best indicator for those who will succeed specifically in the ABSN program because it is so intense. I am still applying and I figure if it doesn't work out this time around, I may wait and apply again next year.
  7. Oct 28, '14 by lmmccauley
    Hi katgreen and FunkySkunk! I was confused about the professional section as well...After reading the application instructions about a million times and emailing OHSU, I pretty much gathered the same thing, that the professional section is not even looked at and definitely not required. I didn't add anything in there, I figured they might ask about it in the interview (fingers crossed I even get one!).

    Also, I noticed that after submitting my application, Nursing CAS calculates your GPA and the did not include my courses from study abroad. So, according to them, my GPA is a lot higher. Does anyone know if OHSU uses the GPA calculations from Nursing CAS or if they make their own calculations?

    Good luck with your applications!
  8. Ok, glad you came to the same conclusion about the Professional section. It still seems so strange to me, but I would guess that they save any interest in our actual lives for the interview. : ) Which I'm sure you'll get!

    And hmm.. Regarding the study abroad - That's interesting. I have sent in my transcripts but they haven't posted yet. I know it says NursingCAS doesn't look at grades from foreign institutions. Was your study abroad through a school in the states, though?

    And I believe OHSU only asks for their own copies of transcripts once you are admitted, so I would guess they do in fact go off of what NursingCAS says until then. If that's true, then it sounds like it's good for you!

    In any case, now begins the dreaded waiting game! We won't hear about interviews either way until February it sounds like. Good luck to you all as well!
  9. Oct 30, '14 by Portlander3
    Hi guys!

    i was also planning on applying for the absn but got pretty intimidated by the info session. I felt like they were talking people out of applying if they didn't have a stellar gpa. I think they said the average accepted was a 3.9 first round last year??? I'm proud of my GPA but it's not that high....I've been debating even applying since then and have been focusing on applying to out of state programs. What others are you guys applying to?
  10. Hi all! You definitely don't have to fill out the sections that are not required. There's a little key at the top of the Nursing CAS page that points out which colors mean what. I did fill out a few extra pieces of info, but you have to be all in with it. I added only SOME info on my parents, and it made me either erase it all, or fill in all fields. Anyway, just be prepared for that. I do have a question about the supplemental application though. As far as the short essay questions, it says you have a 350 word maximum, but I can't seem to find any way to edit that stupid thing to allow for more than two lines of writing! Any help on that??
  11. I feel the same way, like my application may be futile because of my GPA. I have been to several schools and have not made an official calculation yet, but I think it is somewhere between a 3.4 - 3.5. However, I figure it is always worth a shot! Someone above mentioned a 3.5 as the cut off from last years cohort, and that is what I heard in the information session as well. So, you never know. I do have a 4.0 in my pre-req's and would probably have a better chance with their 3 year BSN program, but that is such a long time commitment when you already have a bachelors degree... Are any of you planning to apply to the 3 year program as well? I'm limited to the Portland area, but will be applying to UP, PCC, and CCC as well. So exciting to finally be at this step!
  12. Hi curlygrl,
    Did you figure this out yet? When I worked on mine, it seemed you have to type directly into it what you want to say - it won't let you copy and paste into it, or even cut and paste out of it, if you want to save it. Kind of a pain, but oh well. I think the only one that allows 350 words is the first one about adversity maybe (I can't remember entirely now) - the others are all limited to the two lines that they show. Hope it's working for you now!
  13. And mwpdx -
    I also started considering the 3 yr BSN after the info session, but I feel exactly the same way about it - and if you notice in the section online about fees, it costs quite a bit more, too! So I'm on the fence at the moment about whether to add that to my application or not. I'm still waiting on my final transcript to process - had to request it through the mail whereas the others were online so it feels like it's taking forever.
    I'm also planning to apply to an accelerated program in Colorado, where I currently live, but the application cycle for that doesn't begin until late spring, and I would still need to take one extra pre-req for that one. Of course OHSU is my dream school, but I am trying to not feel too attached to it right now!
  14. Hey curlygrl. Yeah, I was confused with the short essay question thing, but I figured it was for some sort of compliance/EEOC type of thing and that it wouldn't play a huge role in my application. I filled it out as best I could. Personally, I didn't feel like I had a whole lot to say, but that could be a negative in my application. I will be curious to find out if anyone was able to make the document work though!

OHSU Fall 2015 BSN

by MotoMonkey
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  1. 0 Hey all,
    Anyone else applying for Fall 2015 BSN program at OHSU?
    I am getting my application together now, but I wont be able to finalize or submit it until after December when fall term grades are posted. I am only applying to OHSU, specifically the Monmouth campus. I currently have a 3.93GPA and after Fall term I will have all but two prerequisites finished. The remaining two are Writing-122 and Nutrition.

    I think I have a pretty competitive application but there is still a lot of doubt.
    I have experience working in long term care and also as an EMT in an under served rural community. I know I will also get extra consideration for having already taken Microbiology.

    I know we are still months away from interviews or acceptance letters but it would be nice to get the conversation started and get to know others who will be applying for 2015.

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  3. Oct 29, '14 by Maeflowerz
    Hello MotoMonkey, I am also applying to Monmouth campus. I think you have a very, very good chance of getting in. I have been looking into Monmouths campus for a while and I am excited to apply this year. I have started my application online and will wait to submit my transcripts once fall grades come in. Good luck!!!
  4. Good luck!
    Im excited to get my application finished and turned in. Though Im nervous about the interview process. I feel like that is the one place I could totally choke.
  5. Nov 17, '14 by Maeflowerz
    Me too! I would much rather do a proctored essay vs the interview that I really can't prepare for. It seems like I've asked about the interview process in the past and most people are hush, hush about the details. Please post Any updates with your application and interview! I would love to hear and I will as well!
  6. Nov 22, '14 by MotoMonkey
    So I am curious. In June I talked with an OHSU admissions adviser about my prereq progress. I brought her a transcript to look over as well as a filled out non-nursing coursework form. My main concern was that I had not taken MTH95 yet. She told me that if I took it fall term it would be fine, she also said I just need to pass it, and because it is lower than a 100 level course it is not calculated into my GPA. This is great I thought, as I am not nearly as strong in math as I am in other subjects. Well, as I am filling out the 2014-2015 prerequisite coursework form that is to be submitted with my NCAS application I see that I must include my math 95 grade and it is calculated into prereq GPA on this form.
    Long story short the B that I will be receiving in math 95 is going to really affect my prereq GPA, bringing it down around a 3.84. Should I be as worried as I am?
  7. Hi! I just started at OHSU - Monmouth.

    Here is a link to the prerequisite coursework.


    The way I understand it, courses below 100 level don't count toward your BSN, but if that is the class you're using to fulfill the Math requirement, then that grade will count towards your GPA. NursingCAS is just a gathering tool. Ultimately, the admissions staff at OHSU will look through all of your courses and won't base their decisions solely on the info provided by NursingCAS.

    It's also important to know that you can't stop at Math 95. Statistics is a graduation requirement and Math 105 or higher is a prerequisite for Statistics.

    Having a GPA of 3.84 is still competitive, though. I think OHSU weighs heavily on their interviews and essays for admission.

    Good luck!
  8. Nov 24, '14 by MotoMonkey
    efda2rn - I appreciate your insight. I am probably panicking more than I need to.
    Having been through the process can you talk about the interview process at all? The sort of things that were asked of candidates, also what attire level, so to speak, was common or what would you recommend.

    Again, I appreciate your insight

  9. We can't go into detail about the interview, but they asked more personality-based questions. Also, pretty much everyone wore a suit or business attire. Think of it like a serious job interview.
  10. Hey! I am also thinking about applying for the OHSU Monmouth program for Fall 2015! I met with the admissions person last week and realized I can apply this year! For some reason I thought I needed all the graduation requirement classes done prior to applying. She told me the lowest GPA accepted last year was 3.73, so your 3.84 is great-especially considering all of your prior experience and added classes! Also, one thing I really love and appreciate about this program is the fact that they interview you! I think it's great. If all goes well and I don't chicken out, I will be applying! Good luck to you guys!!
  11. Dec 15, '14 by MotoMonkey
    My mind set is that even if I don't get in this year I still have a lot of non nursing coursework (The graduation requirements) that I could do in the year while I am waiting to reapply.
    If do decide to apply this year I would get going on the application stuff ASAP. Especially the part where you need official transcripts mailed to Nursing CAS, I feel like that is going to take the most time.
  12. Yes! Thank you. And same here! If I don't get in this year, I will just finish all the other courses needed! Win/win. Also, were you having issues with the CAS website? I can't find the program I am trying to apply for. Did you sign up with the older 2.0 version or the 3.0?
  13. Dec 15, '14 by MotoMonkey
    OHSU is continuing to use NursingCAS 2.0 through this application period. If for what ever reason you have to apply again next year they will be on 3.0
  14. Hey! Just reading through this and curious if you ever found out about your math 95 being calculated into your GPA? I have a B, also, and it brings my GPA down a lot... it's my only math as of now.


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