Research Paper 5th Grade Powerpoint

Lesson Topic:

·Thesis statement

Learning Objectives:What should students be able to do at the end of this lesson?

·The student will write a thesis statement for their research paper.


Materials Needed:

·Steps to Writing a Research Paper PPT

·Thesis Statement PPT

·Thesis(document for reference)

·The Thesis Machine

·Research Paper Graphic Organizer.

·Prior to class have chart paper filled out with the Thesis Machine Formula.

Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy:


Background information: what do I need to know to teach this lesson?

Instructional Procedures:How will I…?

…recall prior relevant information?Make connections to prior learning?


….present new material?

·Begin the lesson by having the students pull out their questions graphic organizer and their brainstorming web.Explain to the students that these brainstorming pieces will help guide them to determining a position statement, which will be their thesis statement.They will need to look through the brainstorming to find a position on their topic.For example, I could have brainstormed about apples and decided to write about how I think apples are colorful, juicy and delicious.My thesis statement would support my opinion that apples are the best fruit because they are colorful, healthy, and delicious!

·Show the students the powerpoint that shows Step 3 – writing a thesis statement.Go over this slide briefly and then jump to the powerpoint on writing a thesis statement.

·The writing a thesis statement powerpoint shows examples to the students on how to take a position on what they are writing about.The students will learn that they must state their opinion in the thesis statement and then at the very end of the powerpoint there is a “formula†for writing a basic thesis statement.

·Give the students the handout that has the formula on it and have them work on their thesis statement based on the formula.

·Prior to class write the formula on a piece of chart paper.Go over the formula with the students using the apply idea.Show the students how to use the formula step by step one more time – this time they should be writing their ideas with you while you are writing on the chart paper about apples.Show the students how to reference their idea webs and questions while formulating the thesis.

·After the students have had their thesis statement okayed by the teacher they need to copyit over to the Research Paper Graphic Organizer.Then they need to put their three sub ideas from their idea webs, onto that graphic organizer.

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