Essays About Beta Club

Morgan City Junior High

 National Junior Beta Club

Cyrus J. Provost Chapter

Chapter Bylaws


Article I: Statement of the Name of the Organization

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be the Cyrus J. Provost Chapter of the National Junior Beta Club.

Article II: The General Purpose of the Group

Section I: The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to show good character in school and in the community, and to encourage citizenship.
Section 2: The purpose of the organization shall be one of a service nature. Members will provide service to the school, community, and national levels.

Article III: Powers vested in the organization; the right to veto by the principal

Section 1: The chapter president, assisted by the chapter vice-president, will guide the chapter membership.
Section 2: The sponsors will approve all activities and have the final decision concerning all matters. The school principal will have the right to final veto.

Article IV: Definition of Membership for the Group:

Section I: Membership shall be based upon a 3.50 grade point average, character, moral fiber, and school/community involvement.
Section 2: The faculty of Morgan City Junior High School will review all criteria for membership.
Section 3: There is a one-time Beta fee of $15.00 and club fee of $10.00 per year.

Article V: Selection of Members (Article V. Does not require member approval)

Section I: Membership selection will begin at the beginning of the 4th nine week grading period.
Section 2: All nominees beginning with the 6th grade class of the 2015-2016 school year with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher for the first three nine weeks of their 6th grade year will have their names submitted to the faculty of MCJHS for review.
Section 3: Seventh grade students who have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher for the first three nine weeks of the seventh grade year and have not previously been considered for membership will have their names submitted to the faculty of MCJHS for review.

Article VI: Dismissal of members (Article VI does not require member approval)

Section 1: If at any time the member’s GPA falls below a 3.50, he/she will be placed on probation; no notification is given. If the GPA is not reinstated to a 3.50 the next grading period, the member will be dismissed.

Section 2: Any student who does not uphold the high purposes of the NJBC shall be automatically dismissed from the organization. No probation is necessary.

Section 3: If a member of National Junior Beta Club receives In-School Suspension and/or a major referral for any reason, he/she will be automatically dismissed from the organization.
Section 4: If at least one week’s notice is not provided to the sponsors in advance of any event, the member shall not be excused from that event. A member with one unexcused absence from any event shall not attend the state convention. 

Section 5: Two unexcused absences from events and/or meetings will result in automatic dismissal from National Junior Beta Club. Section 6: A member who does not attend the induction ceremony without proper documented excuse will be automatically dismissed. No probation period is necessary before dismissal.

Section 7: Once a member has been dismissed or resigns from National Junior Beta Club, he/she cannot be reinstated.
Section 8: Dismissal from National Junior Beta Club in no way affects induction into National Junior Beta Club at the high school level.

Article VII: Meetings

Section 1: Regular monthly meetings will be held after school (2:40 PM) the third Wednesday of each month.
Section 2: Special meetings will be held as needed with a 48 hour notice to the membership.

Article VIII: Duties of Membership:

Section 1: The organization is a service organization- providing services to community, school, faculty, student body, and on a national level.
Section 2: Officers serve as leaders of the organization. They serve as committee chairpersons during special events.

Article IX: Election of Officers:

Section 1: Officers for the coming school year will be chosen before the induction of new members in May during the last meeting in April. Only those 8th grade 2 year members may run for an office.

Section 2: Any 8th grade 2-year member may choose to run for president or vice president. Nominees will write an essay stating why they should be an officer and their qualifications. The essays will be presented anonymously to a faculty committee for rating. The two people with highest rated essays will run for president and vice president. The club will then vote on those two individuals. The person receiving the highest number of votes will be president, and the person receiving the second to highest number of votes will be vice president.

Section 3: The remaining officers will be nominated by and voted on by the membership of the current school year’s club.

Section 4: Installation of new officers will take place at our annual induction ceremony in May.


Article X: Membership Activities

Section 1: The chapter membership will conduct the following activities:

A. Partner with an elementary school

B. A community service project

C. Participate in school special events

D. School service project

E. Sponsor the school’s Christmas dance

Section 2: Each member shall have the responsibility for choosing and participating in an individual service project that reflects his or her particular talents and interests.

Article XI: Ratification of the Bylaws

Section 1: The bylaws of the Cyrus J. Provost Chapter of the National Junior Beta Club will be ratified by the club's sponsors as they deem necessary.

Article XII: Amending the Bylaws

Section 1: The bylaws of the Cyrus J. Provost Chapter of the National Junior Beta Club will be amended by the club's sponsors as they deem necessary.


REQUIREMENTS to be Nominated for Membership

The National Junior Beta Club is a service organization that recognizes students with outstanding scholarship. In addition to good scholarship, candidates must also demonstrate leadership, service, achievement, and good character.

  1. Second semester 7th graders and 8th graders with an academic record of a weighted cumulative average of 90 or higher and who have not received a nine weeks grade lower than a 85 in any classes are nominated as candidates to Princeton High School’s National Junior Beta Club.
  2. In addition to academic requirements, the nominees must also have not received an "N" in conduct and have not been sent to ISS for a full day or suspended.
  3.  In order to become a member, the student must show that he/she possess the other four characteristics of membership (leadership, service, achievement, and good behavior). A typed essay that gives evidence of the student's accomplishments in the pillars of membership, as well as, intention to become a member must be submitted to the club sponsors.

After reviewing entrance essays, candidates will be notified if they have been selected to join Princeton’s chapter of the National Junior Beta Club.

REQUIREMENTS to Maintain Membership

Students are asked to please consider carefully the requirements for membership into this organization.

  1.  Members will be required to
  2.  Maintain a 90 weighted cumulative GPA
  3.  Maintain a grade of 85 or higher in all classes for each nine weeks
  4.  Participate in all service projects
  5. Maintain satisfactory conduct and exhibit good character.

If at any time a member's average falls below a 90, a member receives a grade lower than 85 for a subject, a member receives an “N” in conduct, is sent to ISS for a ful day or suspended, does not participate in the club’s service projects, or does not exhibit good character, the member will be placed on membership probation. Members are only allowed 1 probation period, and any subsequent violation will result in membership termination.


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