Oxford University Press Philosophy Of Language Essay

Each section ends with Suggested Further Reading.
Note to the Sixth Edition
Of Names (1881) , John Stuart Mill
On Sense and Reference (1892) , Gottlob Frege
Proper Names (1958) , John R. Searle
Naming and Necessity (1972) , Saul Kripke
Meaning and Reference (1973) , Hilary Putnam
The Causal Theory of Names (1973) , Gareth Evans
Frege's Puzzle (1986) Nathan Salmon
On Denoting (1905) , Bertrand Russell
Descriptions (1919) , Bertrand Russell
On Referring (1950) , P. F. Strawson
Mr. Strawson on Referring (1957) , Bertrand Russell
Reference and Definite Descriptions (1966) , Keith Donnellan
Speaker's Reference and Semantic Reference (1977) , Saul Kripke
Quantifiers and Propositional Attitudes (1956) , W. V. Quine
Quantifying In (1968) , David Kaplan
On Saying That (1968) , Donald Davidson
Synonymity (1952) , Benson Mates
A Puzzle about Belief (1979) , Saul Kripke
The Import of the Puzzle About Belief (1996) , David Sosa
Belief Ascription (1992) , Stephen Schiffer
Meaning (1957) , H.P. Grice
Performative Utterances (1961) , J. L. Austin
The Structure of Illocutionary Acts (1969) , John R. Searle
Logic and Conversation (1975) , H. P. Grice
Conversational Impliciture (1994) , Kent Bach
A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs (1985) , Donald Davidson
The Thought (1918) , Gottlob Frege
The Semantic Conception of Truth and the Foundations of Semantics (1944) , Alfred Tarski
Tarski's Theory of Truth (1972) , Hartry Field
Truth and Meaning (1967) , Donald Davidson
What is a Theory of Meaning (1975) , M.A.E. Dummett
Two Dogmas of Empiricism (1951) , W. V. Quine
In Defense of a Dogma (1956) , H.P. Grice and P.F. Strawson
Two Dogmas Revisited (1976) , Hilary Putnam
Assertion (1978) , Robert Stalnaker
Demonstratives (1977/89) , David Kaplan
The Problem of the Essential Indexical (1979) , John Perry
On Rules and Private Language (1982) , Saul Kripke
The Rule-Following Considerations 91989) , Paul Boghossian
Blindspots (1988) , Roy Sorenson
Vagueness without Paradox (1994) , Diana Raffman
Shifting Sands: An Interest-Relative Theory of Vagueness (2000) , Delia Graff Fara
Of Words (1690) , John Locke
Philosophical Investigations (1953) , Ludwig Wittgenstein
Empiricist Criteria of Cognitive Significance (1950) , Carl G. Hemple
Languages and Language (1975) , David Lewis
Toward a Causal Theory of Linguistic Representation (1977) , Dennis Stampe
Language and Problems of Knowledge (1988) , Noam Chomsky

Introduction, Margaret Cameron and Robert Stainton
1: Method, Meaning, and Ontology in Plato's Philosophy of Language, Deborah Modrak
2: Names, Verbs, and Sentences in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Francesco Ademollo
3: On what is said: the Stoics and Peter Abelard, Margaret Cameron
4: Philosophy of Language in the Medieval Arabic Tradition, Peter Adamson and Alexander Key
5: Those 'funny words': medieval theories of syncategorematic terms, Joke Spruyt and Catarina Dutilh Novaes
6: Semantic Content in Aquinas and Ockham, Gyula Klima
7: Meaning and Linguistic Usage in Renaissance Humanism: The case of Valla, Lodi Nauta
8: Medieval Theories of Signification to John Locke, E. Jennifer Ashworth
9: Locke on the Names of Modes, Benjamin Hill
10: Herder's Doctrine of Meaning as Use, Michael Forster
11: Thomas Reid on Language, Patrick Rysiew
12: 'Meaning in Action': Anton Marty's Pragmatic Semantics, Laurent Cesalli


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